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Problems with Bluetooth connect in cars
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TEMA: Problems with Bluetooth connect in cars
Problems with Bluetooth connect in cars hace 9 Meses Karma: 0

I am a very happy user of Neutron since a longer while and like the sound quality and all the features.A few months ago, I have upgraded my S5 to Linage>OS 7.1.2.All-in-all a very good improvement of the OS experience.However since about that time, I am having problems when I use my s5 together with Neutron in my (and other) cars.When a call comes in while I am using Neutron to listen to music, my phone gets stuck, contiunes to ring and I need to reboot my phone.This is not happening when I am using the stock app to listen to music.
Has anybody else experienced to same problem?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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