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The NFL and NFL Players Association have spent at least two separate days trying to work out Anthem Policy 3.0 Youth Justin Tucker Jersey , which would replace Anthem Policy 2.0, which replaced Anthem Policy 1.0. And nearly two years to the day since the NFL explained that Anthem Policy 1.0 gave players like Colin Kaepernick the right to protest during the anthem, the league seems to be no closer to securing a waiver of that right by the union.

We discussed that topic on Tuesday’s PFT Live, discussing what could and should happen to get the NFL the solution it wants and needs.

Peter King argued that the NFL should make the kind of concession necessary to get players to agree to stand. I suggested the NFL should try to make this negotiation part of a broader CBA extension, making it less conspicuous when the NFL gives the union something of real value in exchange for making a problem the league created for itself go away. Ultimately Seth Jones Jersey , it may take employment of Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid to get any remaining dissenters among the players to go along with whatever the league proposes.

As a practical matter, it’s probably too late to get something done before the start of the regular season. But with the union wisely slow playing the situation, maybe both sides should put their wish lists together and try to get a new CBA done now, with a provision that includes voluntary standing for the anthem.

Is it likely that a new CBA could be negotiated in the next week? No. Is it possible? Yes, if both sides are committed to making it happen. Still , it could take a lot to get the players to make that commitment, because the players seem to realize that they have Big Shield by the tail.

And that’s the inescapable reality of the league’s anthem angst. At some point, the league needs to forget that this wound was self inflicted and simply do what needs to be done to repair it.

The rancor had seemed to die down between receiver Dez Bryant and his former team. And there’s now a chance it’s been stirred up again.

Cowboys exec Will McClay provided an unnecessarily candid assessment of Bryant’s diminished skills, one that won’t help Dez get a new team — and that will make Dez even more determined to muster whatever his remaining skills will allow in order to punish the Cowboys wherever and whenever he can.

With no teams showing significant interest in Bryant, maybe he eventually decides to take the veteran minimum simply to prove his Dallas doubters wrong. And maybe Alex DeBrincat Jersey , if he’s willing to play for the minimum, other currently uninterested teams in the NFC East suddenly will become very interested.

Regardless of whether (and where) Bryant finds a team, a frank explanation of how and why Dez no longer has it serves no purpose for the Cowboys. If he truly no longer has it, that will become clear in 2018. If he still does, the Cowboys will look bad Alex Killorn Jersey Kids , and Dez will be feeling pretty good.
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